Samand Rail Company as the first company which possesses Flat Wagons in the country enjoys a unique capability in shipping different traffic (heavy) cargos which makes it possible to ship four containers on one wagon, to carry long and voluminous cargos, Open top cargos. It has also the capability to ship oil and mineral materials by ISO tank exclusively.

Samand Rail Company as the first and biggest owner of wagons suitable for carrying cars with the capacity of carrying 12 cars in each wagon has gained a special credit for itself for carrying different types of vehicle from different import departures and export destinations to all over the world. Also Samand Rail company with owning most of the flat wagons has a significant role in carrying different types of products which can be carried in bulk, mineral or container form by this type of wagons.

Roofed wagons of Samand Rail guaranties the feasibility of carrying different types of packed cargos with standard and suitable conditions.